A study in human deficiencies

Tracy. 24. English major. Poet. Musician. Political. Pansexual.


This is a comic about my own emotions, made to release my own emotions, and to cope with my own emotions.

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Motherfuckers will read a book that’s 1/3 elvish, but put two sentences in Spanish and White people think we’re taking over.

—Junot Diaz to the interview question “Do you think using Spanish in your writing alienates some of your readers?” (via spoopyzourry)

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If you can say Schwarzenegger, you can say Esparza

- Raúl Esparza on idiots who kept pressuring him to change his name to something less latino. (via magnetic-rose)

Our names are not a burden.

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He loved her, of course, but better than that, he chose her, day after day. Choice: that was the thing.

—Sherman Alexie in The Toughest Indian In The World (via infinite-paradox)

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